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Right below the Quiz title "Editing quiz: QUIZNAME Basic ideas of making quizzes", add an information box stating the user the options s/he has. If some operations related to modifying quiz or its preferences are still allowed, this should be stated clearly here.

TODO: this box is already maybe too big. Some of the information could be left in a help screen? Or add an option to hide the box - but then also the functionality would be hidden. Could be small by default, just 2 lines: "This quiz has attempts and thus questions cannot be added or deleted. _Make editable_" link would then open up the whole box.

Development-Quiz Usability portal Attempted quiz enabling.png Development-Quiz Usability portal Attempted quiz enabling screenshot.png

(this may be implemented with print_box_start() and print_box_end() as the current notice about not being capable to edit the quiz in Quiz_UI_redesign is).


  • User presses "Delete all attempts"
    • Confirmation dialog: Are you sure you want to delete all attempts from the quiz QUIZNAME? This cannot be undone!
    • Choices:
      • OK
        • Moodle deletes all attempts from quiz, return user to the same page with feedback: "All attempts deleted. _Close the quiz_ ((link to quiz settings)) to prevent students from making new attempts."
      • Cancel
        • Close dialog box
  • User presses "Make a copy of this quiz without the attempts"
    • Duplicate the current quiz into one without attempts that can be freely edited, with name "Copy of QUIZNAME". Return the user to the course front page where the new quiz is now visible.
  • User clicks the link "There are N attempts"
    • Take the user to the Results tab just as before.

Optimally, there would also be a choice to export or archive the attempts and then delete them.


This quiz has been attempted.

There are 4 attempts. Adding or removing questions is no longer possible. You can still edit questions and Reorder & paginate questions [is this supposed to be possible?].

If you want to add or remove questions, you can:

Delete all attempts or Make a copy of this quiz without the attempts


Development-Quiz Usability portal Attempted quiz enabling info.png

The original: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Info_icon_002.svg

Reasoning behind this improvement

Severe usability problem:

  • An attempted quiz cannot be edited
  • After opening the quiz, the quiz can lock down at any unpredictable time if a student tries the quiz and there is no undo. The teacher may not know about this beforehand and the quiz may end up in an unfinished state.
  • Some teachers are used to previewing things by switching to student role. If they attempt a quiz in this role, the quiz is locked down without warning and there is no undo. This occured in the usability tests of Usability_testing_in_August_2008/Issues_found#Sort_out_the_different_preview_modes August 2008.


  • Always warn the user if the are about to do something that affects the set of choices they can make later (User control and freedom), and as the undo here is not obvious, tell the user about it
  • Make the user aware of the choices they have in the quiz edit screens, where their actions' consequences are the most obvious.