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Overview of Activity Locking

Activity Locking is a type of conditional activity in Moodle. It is not part of the standard Moodle and all flavors requires sepecial installation. Various flavors can be found at the Activity Locking MoodleDoc page.

Please be patient, there are several versions of Activity Locking being developed that have different goals and approaches. These examples happen to come from an Activity Locking 2.1 flavored branch developed for Moodle version 1.6, sometimes called ActivityLockingWithHide-1.6 Other versions may also appear on this page. Finally (there really is never any finally), I am most familar with Lesson Activities, so my initial screen shots will concern this kind of activity. I am trying to keep the new Moodle teacher in mind as I write. --chris collman 2 05:09, 27 June 2006 (WST)

Other contributors may, and are encouraged to add to this presentation.

What does it look like

This will show a few screen shots of a course(s) that uses lessons.

In the edit lesson setting the teacher will see AL Lesson Settings tabs1.JPG The general tab is the standard lesson setting found in 1.6. Those have not changed.

The Activity Lock tab looks like this. We are in the second lesson and need to determine what are the requirements for entering this lesson. AL Lesson Settings Activity tab.JPG

The setting tab has: AL Lesson Settings Setting tab.JPG These are visibility settings. Notice help buttons.

The student view of two lessons, where the future lessons are not hidden. Shows second lesson is locked.

AL Topic lesson list Student view.JPG

See Also

There is a very specialized-limited type of activity locking under a lesson (activity) setting called dependency in 1.6. See: * .

See Also