Moodle Mobile Push Notifications

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This is the specification of Moodle Mobile Push Notifications


Moodle Mobile should support push notifications from Apple, Android...

How it works

Generic way

  1. User runs the mobile app
  2. User accepts to receive push notification
  3. App register the device on airnotifier (device ID)
  4. User logins on a Moodle site
  5. App registers the device on the Moodle site by web service (device ID to be able to receive the notification and the device name to be able to disable the device)
  6. User enable airnotifier notification,
  7. Moodle send a message through airnotifier provider.
  8. Airnotifier dispatch the message to the correct notification system
  9. Device receive the message
  10. The app is opened (on a specific page?)

Apple specificities

Google specificities


  • push notification support on the mobile app (receive the push notification and behave correctly)
  • airnotifier (send notification to APNS / GCM)
  • airnotifier provider (send Moodle messages to airnotifier - MDL-36445)

Airnotifier messaging provider


Airnotifier server

  • feedback
  • load stress
  • secuirty

App push notification support

Register the device on airnotifier

Register the device on Moodle site

How to deal with push notification

closed app
opened app