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This page provides links to prototype sites demonstrating new features that will be included in coming versions of Moodle.

We would love to hear what you think of these new features! After exploring the sites, please post your feedback in the Future major features forum.

3.9 Activity Chooser

This project is to update the activity chooser and allow users to star / favourite the activities they use the most. More information can be found at Activity chooser.

Activity chooser prototype

3.8 Forum enhancements

This project is collaborative project with and sponsored by the Moodle User Association.

The scope for Moodle 3.8 includes the ability to grade forum activity, student activity reports, exporting of forum content - and a new forum look and feel.

Forum project 3.8 prototype site

More prototype site links coming soon...

See also

  • Roadmap - for an overview of new features planned for the next release