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This page is where Moodle HQ shares early work on new features that will be included in coming versions of Moodle. For an overview of new features please see the Roadmap page.

We use it to show features currently in development so that people can try them and provide feedback.

Feel free to explore the sites, but as we are seeking feedback, please follow instructions for each prototype and be prepared to participate in forum discussions and surveys.

You can provide feedback in the general developer forum or the future major features forum.

Thank you for helping us help you.

Prototypes for Moodle 3.7 features

Each prototype site has a short summary of the project, with a status update and login details.

Forum update

This project is collaborative project with and sponsored by the Moodle User Association.

The scope for Moodle 3.7 includes:

  • Forum to use mustache templates
  • Accessibility improvements
  • In-page reply to posts in a discussion
  • In-page creation of discussions
  • Ability to Star/Favourite a discussion
  • Ability to manually lock a discussion
  • Ability to sort the list of discussions in a number of ways
  • Ability to reply privately to a post.

Forum prototype site