Optional checkbox "This is all my own work" before submitting a quiz

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The requirement

On certain quizzes, we must display a statement like

The University has to ensure as far as possible that the work submitted by students is their own. This is explained in the Plagiarism Policy Document (link). Please be aware that the University may subject your work to a computerised check for plagiarism.
[] I have read and acknowledge the above statement.

The quiz cannot be submitted unless the checkbox has been ticked.

Design overview

This it to be implemented in Moodle 2.0.

The text of the message will be in a language string. Actually, two language strings. One for the paragraph of text, and one for the checkbox label.

Whether the statement appears and has to be agreed to will be a new setting on the quiz form.

The statement and checkbox will appear on the quiz summary page.

The HTML will contain enough styling hooks (ids and classnames) to let themers style the message as they want.

When JavaScript is enabled, the submit button will be disabled unless the checkbox is ticked.

If the quiz is submitted when the checkbox is not checked, the summary page will be re-displayed with a form validation error.

Like all quiz settings, the default option can be set of the quiz admin page.

UI mock-ups




  1. Can anyone suggest a better label for the setting than "Agree plagiarism statement before submitting"?
  2. What should the wording of the message be in standard Moodle?

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