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This page is to talk about the (likely) entrance of NWiki into 1.9 core.

Rigth Now DFwikiteam is focussed in the following issues:

XHTML Strict

  • NWiki complies with XHTML transitional. April 2007
  • NWiki complies with XHTML Strict mid May '07
    • this affects main engine
    • blocks not finished yet (some javascript to look up to)

Logs and stats

We need to ckeck out stats and logs with nwiki.

  • Done! June 2007

Code Tunning : new wiki api

There's a big issue in the code, the $WS variable that acts like a big set of global variables.

  • We are getting $WS smaller day by day
  • We are witting a new internal API to create an internal layer of services for developers.

PHPUnit testing

  • a set of PHPUnit tests have been developed to ensure the quality of the thing.
  • test case descriptions have been written to help developers and maintainers

shall we trim nwiki ?

NWiki is Huge ! As many have said we implement a lot of features that maybe are not necessary for everybody. We could have a reduced set of nwiki into the oficial distribution and a 3rd party and a extended version as 3rd part plug in. Things that could be taken outside:

Maybe we keep them

  • wiki course format
  • discussion pages ?
  • grading in wikis ?
  • ranking and votes?

Most likely

  • integration with tiddlywiki ?

Migration issues

So far the data migration works fine. No bugs reported without attending.


Let's rememeber to complete the PDF export thing (HTML Editor wiki pages are not exported)

se also