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Moodle 2.4 This page describes custom Moodle plugins for TinyMCE implemented in MDL-34875.


Moodle 2.4 contains a slightly modified TinyMCE, the only difference from upstream version is different language file loading. All language strings are loaded only from moodle language packs.

contains Moodle specific TinyMCE plugins. It supports all standard Moodle plugin features. Static files (JS, CSS, images) are loaded via PHP loader, this prevents caching problems and it may improve performance. Original JavaScript based localisation files are not supported.

Subplugin directory structure

Installation, upgrades, events, etc. It is not recommended to use database tables in these plugins.
Language strings. All strings used from TinyMCE JavaScript files must start with
Static files used from plugin code.
The actual TinyMCE plugin code.
Moodle plugin code, it has to contain at least
class with
Moodle plugin settings (optional).
Moodle plugin version (required).

editor_tinymce_plugin class

This class is responsible for integration of plugins into the TinyMCE instance. It is usually enough to override method
and describe available buttons.