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==se also ==
==se also ==
[http://morfeo.upc.es/crom/course/view.php?id=4 DFWikilabs]
*[http://morfeo.upc.es/crom/course/view.php?id=4 DFWikilabs]

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This page is to talk about the (likely) entrance of NWiki into 1.9 core.

Rigth Now DFwikiteam is focussed in the following issues:

XHTML Strict

  • NWiki complies with XHTML transitional.
  • We are working to meet XHTML strict at mid May '07

Code Tunning : new wiki api

There's a big issue in the code, the $WS variable that acts like a big set of global variables.

  • We are getting $WS smaller day by day
  • We are witting a new internal API to create an internal layer of services for developers.

PHPUnit testing

While this api is being developed a set of PHPUnit tests are being developed to ensure the quality of the thing.

shall we trim nwiki

NWiki is Huge ! As many have said we implement a lot of features that maybe are not necessary for everybody. We could have a reduced set of nwiki into the oficial distribution and a 3rd party and a extended version as 3rd part plug in. Things that could be taken outside:

  • discussion pages ?
  • grading in wikis ?
  • integration with tiddlywiki ?
  • ranking ?

Migration issues

So far the data migration works fine. No bugs reported without attending.


se also