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*[[Repository API| Repository API]]
*[[Repository API| Repository API]]
*[[QA:Use Case Number Attribution| Use Case Number Attribution]]
*[[QA:Use Case Number Attribution| Use Case Number Attribution]]
*[[Moodle_Network#Setup| Moodle Networking]]
*[[Moodle_Network| Moodle Networking]]
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This functional specification is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION."

Functional Specification Revisions:

0.1 - 27/06/2008 - Jerome Mouneyrac - Draft Version
0.2 - 25/09/2008 - Jerome Mouneyrac - Updated draft version


Developer/QA tester


not implemented (Tracker Issue)

Related Documents:


This document is about functional specification for Moodle Repository Plugin. The Moodle Repository plugin allows a user to browse a foreign Moodle site in the File Picker. The user sees all the raw files he has access to there.


  • Moodle administrator set which Moodle peer will be available into the file picker (one Moodle repository instance = one peer)
  • A peer can be linked to only one Moodle repository instance
  • A teacher cannot set a Moodle repository at the course level
  • Moodle user cannot set a Moodle repository at personal level
  • Only people with roles that have "Roam to a remote Moodle moodle/site:mnetlogintoremote" will be allowed to roam [1]
  • Remote repository display content as the Local repository plugin does. No auto enrolment.

User Interface

Administration: Plugin Settings

The administrator can add/delete the Remote Moodle Repository plugin. No settings are needed to the plugin level.

Administration: Instances Settings

A Moodle administrator can add/delete/edit instances. For an instance he can set:

  • Name
  • Moodle Peer

File Picker

when the user clicks on the Moodle repository, Moodle remote content is displayed. It is exactly the same content that would be displayed if the user was using the Local repository plugin in this remote Moodle.

Use Cases

UC004-1 Enable a connection to a Moodle Repository

Base scenario

  1. User goes to the "Moodle Repository" menu entry in the administration
  2. User selects enable for some Moodle repository
  3. System displays a "saved successfully" message

Pre conditions

- the Moodle Repository plugin is installed
- the user has Administrator role
- Some external Moodle have previously been added in the networking administration

Post conditions

- any user sees the external repository in their file picker

UC004-2 Unable a connection to a Moodle Repository