Moodle Mobile Development Process

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Moodle Mobile is developed by a small team of three persons:

  • Juan Leyva (Lead developer)
  • Laia Canet (Users advocate, UIX and documentation support)
  • Josep Maria Gifreu (CSS, layout)


The development process is oriented to: - Maintain the current published version free of bugs - Add new functionalities for future versions

For achieve this we organize the code using a Control Version System called git where we track two "branches" of code called:

  • master - Branch for the code of new versions
  • MOODLEMOBILE_XY_STABLE - Branch for maintain the code of the current published version

Every time we publish a new version (i.e: 1.4) we create a MOODLEMOBILE_XY_STABLE branch (MOODLEMOBILE_14_STABLE in this case) for maintaining this version until we release a new version; old branches are keeped as historic but we don't work on it.

It doesn't makes sense maintain old versions because the way they are handled in Mobile markets (you can only upgrade to last version of an app)


Release a new major version (1.X) every two months

Release minor versions (1.X.Y) at any time when needed