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Moodle 3.6.4 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 3.6.4 release notes

Release date: 13 May 2019

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.6.4.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-62872 - Atto editor RecordRTC Video no longer erroneously reports the maximum upload size limit has been reached
  • MDL-64151 - Courses can be unchecked from course completion in the Boost theme
  • MDL-64678 - Assignment grading page scrollable on mobile
  • MDL-64267 - Double scrollbar removed from messaging conversations when using the Clean theme
  • MDL-65206 - Repeated calendar events include the location from the original event
  • MDL-64331 - Clicking outside of modal popups containing forms no longer closes the modal, so user input is retained
  • MDL-64988 - Adding a quiz question in a chosen position no longer affected by section headings
  • MDL-65169 - User searches within messaging when site-wide messaging is enabled are correctly filtered
  • MDL-65170 - User searches within messaging with separate groups mode enabled are correctly filtered
  • MDL-63196 - Calendar export includes category events
  • MDL-46803 - Resetting a course role retains other roles affected users are assigned in the course
  • MDL-63263 - Recycle bin includes user data/submissions within deleted course elements
  • MDL-64894 - Items above anchor targets (such as in collapsible topics) can be clicked in the Boost theme
  • MDL-65157 - The My overview block hides the completion progress bar for teachers
  • MDL-65112 - Lesson short answer pages can display iframes
  • MDL-65399 - Bulk quiz item deletion prevents deletion of the only question in a section (consistent with individual deletion functionality)
  • MDL-64996 - Static analytics models are no longer marked as not trained after changing the default predictions processor
  • MDL-65173 - Message notifications are no longer marked as read when a notification email is sent
  • MDL-65085 - Analytics insights are sent from a site's no reply account, instead of from an admin account
  • MDL-65179 - Web service token last access is updated less frequently
  • MDL-65262 - Imported calendar events with locations starting or ending in a space no longer cause an error
  • MDL-64568 - Deleting a group with group messaging removes that group from the conversation list
  • MDL-65313 - Deleting a group with group messaging removes that group from favourite conversations
  • MDL-65087 - Messaging drawer accessibility improved by assigning the 'button' role to relevant links in the interface
  • MDL-64985 - Messaging drawer accessibility improved by adding and improving ARIA labels
  • MDL-65127 - Messaging drawer accessibility improved by adding ARIA labels to explain numbers in the interface (such as unread message counts)
  • MDL-65005 - Timeline block menus accessibility improvements
  • MDL-64524 - Assignment frequently used comments popup can be scrolled
  • MDL-65153 - Course competencies page no longer needs to be refreshed before clicking on newly added competencies
  • MDL-64994 - Analytics can use the latest Python machine learning backend
  • MDL-65094 - Sites hosted on localhost no longer prompt site admins to register their site
  • MDL-29320 - Email case is properly handled during user profile updates
  • MDL-29320 - Email case is properly handled during sign-up
  • MDL-29317 - Email case is properly handled during grade imports
  • MDL-65411 - Descriptions in calendar event modals wrap text and resize images where necessary
  • MDL-65484 - Assignment PDF annotations are contained within the window boundaries
  • MDL-65299 - The default $theme-colors map used in Bootstrap 4 themes can be overridden
  • MDL-64979 - Improvements to Behat test reliability on slow machines
  • MDL-65439 - Improvements to messaging Behat test coverage (see also MDL-64672 and MDL-64670)

Security issues

  • MSA-19-0010 All messaging conversations could be viewed
  • MSA-19-0011 Open redirect in upload cohorts page
  • MSA-19-0012 Private files uploaded via incoming mail processing could bypass quota restrictions

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