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Releases > Moodle 3.1 release notes

Release date: 23 May 2016 (Not yet released)

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.1.


  • PHP extension xmlreader is now required (MDL-51603).

Major features




  • MDL-52397 - ??? Assign feedback not sent if assign grade timemodified is set two days ago
  • MDL-52596 - Add a 'maxperpage' site wide setting for grading table size (to mitigate broken grading pages in large courses)
  • MDL-52269 - Not obvious to tell if an assignment is in blind marking if user holds the "mod/assign:viewblinddetails" capabilty
  • MDL-52270 - Difficult to cross reference users with their blind identities
  • MDL-44598 - List student names on 'grant extension' screen
  • MDL-52490 - Download selected assign submissions as a zip file
  • MDL-52290 - EditPDF - Also show the total page number in the pagination
  • MDL-52489 - "Download all submissions as a zip" should maintain the folder structure in students submissions


  • MDL-52154 - Rework LTI admin screens
  • MDL-45064 - Option to add Preconfigured LTI Tool to Activity Chooser
  • MDL-52035 - Integrate LTI Provider support in Moodle
  • MDL-52821 - Compliance: Send tool_consumer_instance_description in LTI launch request


  • MDL-53738 - Feedback activity module will be enabled by default in new 3.1 installations. If you are upgrading to 3.1 we recommend you to enable it manually.
  • MDL-52094 - Various improvements to UI and bug fixes, including:
    • Performance improvement to download responses as raw data in multiple formats (CSV, Excel, etc.) - now available on "Show responses" page instead of "Analysis"
    • Allow any characters in labels, do not display empty labels
    • Do not display empty pages
    • Map frontpage feedback to multiple courses without leaving the form
    • Improved display of automatic question numbers
    • Disable "Response time" for anonymous feedbacks
    • Use moodleforms to display feedback


  • MDL-45712 - Add Result field to the SCORM Interactions Report
  • MDL-48680 - Add score and status submission events to SCORM activity
  • MDL-42473 - Add group support to SCORM activity


  • MDL-52738 - Quiz attempt/review page should have a previous button to match next
  • MDL-46092 - Add the OU styling of the Quiz navigation into Moodle core as the default
  • MDL-46091 - Rationalise confirmations when you start a quiz
  • MDL-52806 - Show right answers when manually grading automatically marked questions
  • MDL-53304 - Immediate feedback behaviours should not show a disabled check button when you can't use it

Other activity modules


  • MDL-48634 - Option to rescale existing grades when changing max points
  • MDL-52522 - grade_minmaxtouse should be respected for overridden categories
  • MDL-51900 - Tab Down Grade Column in Single View of Gradebook
  • MDL-52309 - Make Grade History report require user to submit parameters before the report starts running


  • MDL-51374 - Do not purge entire databasemeta cache when there are structure changes (esp temp tables).
  • MDL-51603 - Refactor downloading of csv, ods, excel etc files in reports and exports across moodle to stream progressively
  • MDL-34925 - Improve bulk user export performance
  • MDL-50385 - Performance improvement to the grade history report


  • MDL-50851 - Introduce tag collections - ability to separate independent tag areas
  • MDL-52252 - Add tags to modules (Resources and Activities)
  • MDL-25742 - Allow to search wiki pages by tags
  • MDL-51283 - Rename "official" tags to "standard", allow admin to set for each tag area how to use standard tags
  • MDL-16855 - Add tag filtering to "Manage tags" page
  • MDL-52707 - Allow tags to be combined


  • MDL-27628 - Enrol meta: Possible to add multiple courses without leaving the form
  • MDL-51818 - Move the profile 'Message' button to be next to the user picture
  • MDL-52258 - Calendar now shows duration in calendar block
  • MDL-53043 - Move user search box above the students list in the manual enrolments popup
  • MDL-35590 - Navigation block redesign to meet ARIA specification (documentation)
  • MDL-49963 - Allow to message all participants when there are more than one page in participants list
  • MDL-51354 - Help popup and improved name for events dropdown menu on the course and site logs pages
  • MDL-53026 - Use inplace editable for editing cohort names
  • MDL-51706 - Move plagiarism links to the top of the summary and full text outputs
  • MDL-53382 - "Show all" link on participants page should be moved beneath the page switcher

Other improvements

  • MDL-53057 - Add search feature to the File system repository
  • MDL-48506 - Improve memcached cache store so that it is multi-site safe
  • MDL-50661 - Restyle "Clean" theme to use Logo and Header in Frontpage with smaller logo option in other pages.
  • MDL-36652 - When downloading an Excel spreadsheet of student logs, have the course short name included in the file name.
  • MDL-53207 - Display stock avatar instead of own user picture from messages from fake users
  • MDL-52781 - ??? Improve core_user::fill_properties_cache()
  • MDL-51698 - Markup the crumb trail so search engines understand it and leverage it
  • MDL-53072 - Option to choose whether we include suspended users when auto-creating groups
  • MDL-52869 - Convert inline activity name edit to use the inplace editable element

For administrators

  • MDL-26935 - New capability to control role renaming
  • MDL-28030 - Add config.php settings to allow plugins to rewrite output moodle_urls (eg clean / semantic urls)
  • MDL-52752 - Administrators can specify an alternate URL to use for MathJax
  • MDL-52219 - Completion tracking & availability should default to on for new installs
  • MDL-52990 - Enable all emails to be themed, ie add 4 wrapper mustache templates
  • MDL-53260 - Option to display CLI upgrade messages in English
  • MDL-52386 - Allow to control field for flagging enabled/disabled users in LDAP authentication (useful for Active Directory)
  • MDL-52383 - Calendar "Days to look ahead" should allow intervals up to 1 year
  • MDL-49934 - Admins or managers should be able to retrieve assignments info via get_assignments web service

Security issues

There are no security issues included in this release, please refer to Moodle 3.0.4 release notes

For developers

Changes to webservices XML-RPC API Due to MDL-53962, it is now critical to specify parameters for XML-RPC calls in the correct order. Previously Zend may have been able to work out the order, our new implementation, at this stage, cannot.

  • MDL-50887 - Antivirus: Implement plugins infrastructure for antivirus and create ClamAV plugin.
  • MDL-52237 - Add a callback to inject nodes in the user profile navigation
  • MDL-50464 - New renderer for RSS Client Block allows themes to customise its look
  • MDL-50851 - Significant changes to Tags API, tag areas can now implement callbacks to display tagged items
  • MDL-53274 - Throw exception (in developer mode) if page context is not set, otherwise it is not noticeable in AJAX calls
  • MDL-52826, MDL-52715 - Allow to use moodleforms in AJAX requests (documentation)
  • MDL-52013 - Allow mod_assign plugins to add calendar events
  • MDL-51718 - Allow to specify scheme in moodle_url
  • MDL-51700 - Ajax service should clean the return values of the external functions
  • MDL-46891 - Upgrade to behat 3.x
  • MDL-48362 - Improve the enrol API to prevent logic in the UI (documentation)
  • MDL-51324 - New course chooser element for moodleforms (documentation)
  • MDL-52996 - Allow Atto customisation for special-purpose plugins
  • MDL-53102 - Message-ID email headers not consistent or using correct domain
  • MDL-53311 - Changes to navigation tree structure
  • MDL-52651 - Add no referrer to links with _blank target attribute

For full list of deprecations refer to lib/upgrade.txt and upgrade.txt files in the folder where the particular plugin is located. Here are the most major deprecations:

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