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Moodle 3.0.3 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 3.0.3 release notes

Release date: 14 March 2016

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.0.3.


  • MDL-48778 - Fixed problems with assign quick grading in case of multiple attempts
  • MDL-21912 - New setting 'Allow admin conflict resolution' for restoring a course from a different Moodle site
  • MDL-31635 - Course completion "grade" criteria now correctly shows grades as points and not percents
  • MDL-51702 - Restored ability to assign roles to blocks in Default dashboard and My home
  • MDL-49807 - Wiki table of contents correctly displays headers created in Atto editor

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-48015 - Fixed misalignment in gradebook when category has no total and items
  • MDL-52566 - Releasing assignment with team submission now releases grades to all group members
  • MDL-52486 - Fixed javascript errors in languages with _ in the name such as en_us (for example when editing user interests)
  • MDL-52249 - Custom menus with subitems now work correctly on touch screen devices
  • MDL-51723 - Fixed bug with unenrolling users on login under LDAP auth with Active Directory
  • MDL-38020 - Corrected user enrollment workflow through Participant list using Edit Icon
  • MDL-41531 - Fixed irregular characters in course name interfering with PayPal enrolment
  • MDL-51075 - Centered positioning of glossary popup
  • MDL-52217 - Cleaning temporary download directory for dropbox repository
  • MDL-52637 - Fixed problems with connection to SMTP mail in some configurations
  • MDL-52589 - Allow non-default cache stores to be uninstalled
  • MDL-50083 - Unlock submissions when reopening locked assignment
  • MDL-43620 - Allow to reset the course start date when having a chat activity
  • MDL-49338 - Fixed bug when quiz statistics report displays the preview icons to the wrong variant
  • MDL-52763 - Users with the mod/assign:viewblinddetails capability are able to cross reference users with their blind identities
  • MDL-52435 - Plagiarism prevention links are moved to the top of the submission text
  • MDL-52814 - Fixed overlapping of redo button in Quiz
  • MDL-53012 - Behat: Add step to run scheduled task
  • MDL-50218 - If there is no grade, an external tool (LTI) module will now return a grade of '' instead of 0 to the LTI tool producer

Security issues

  • MSA-16-0003 Incorrect capability check when displaying users emails in Participants list
  • MSA-16-0004 XSS from profile fields from external db
  • MSA-16-0005 Reflected XSS in mod_data advanced search
  • MSA-16-0006 Hidden courses are shown to students in Event Monitor
  • MSA-16-0007 Non-Editing Instructor role can edit exclude checkbox in Single View
  • MSA-16-0008 External function get_calendar_events return events that pertains to hidden activities
  • MSA-16-0009 CSRF in Assignment plugin management page
  • MSA-16-0010 Enumeration of category details possible without authentication
  • MSA-16-0011 Add no referrer to links with _blank target attribute
  • MSA-16-0012 External function mod_assign_save_submission does not check due dates

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