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Moodle 2.0

This document has for purpose to define the official Moodle mobile application functionalities for Moodle 2.0. We will look to mobile phone application only.


In this section we will group all information about the current situation of Moodle for mobile.

Apple iOS

It should work on iPhone 3G. It seems Apple doesn't allow to publish new app other than iOS4 on the app store, need to be confirmed. For more information about the Moodle iPhone community there is a discussion. There, some documenation about Creating Mobile Learning Tutorials for iPhone/iPod Touch

  • MTouch created by Ali OzGur (available April 2010)
  • mPage created by Mass Media, HK (available May 24, 2010)


You can find a discussion about Moodle on Android in the forum.

Web applications

  • iPhone4Moodle (available 2010)
  • Moodle for Mobiles: MoMo
  • Moodbile
  • MLE-Moodle - MLE-Moodle is a plugin for Moodle, which adds mLearning functionality to this open-source eLearning system.

Use cases

Here are listed the use cases that should be possible on a mobile device.

quick action

When waiting in a small queue, short travel (bus). These use cases don't allow a full concentration. They are most likely going to be read-only action, that are going to be interrupted at any moment.

All user

  • Take a photo/video and send to your private file
  • see messages from other people (private and forum)

Student specific

  • see my activities/assignements deadlines, specially the close ones
  • see my grades (limited view)

Teacher specific

  • See list of my courses
  • See list of my students per course
  • See new submissions
  • See grades (limited view)

full action

When waiting for the doctor, long travel. these require full concentration

All users

  • Take a photo/video and post as attachment to a forum for discussion
  • Take a photo/video and post to a database activity (including location)
  • be able to answer a message

Teacher specific

  • Give grades if it doesn't require much effort
  • See activities/assignements deadlines, with number of missing submissions
  • Download all assignments (eg pdfs), grade them offline, send back to students


These use cases are required actions following the reception of an alert. They can be executed in a short time and they should have the full attention of the user. Even interrupted, the user is likely going to come back to it.

Settings and feature

  • a switch to go from a Moodle Teacher app to Moodle student app, first time app is launching, select teacher or student / our implement two different app
  • display a dashboard of the needs
  • Update a location field in the profile with current location, for display with Google map
  • Synch the participants of a course so we can have nice choose-lists of users in the app, like Contacts app or Coverflow

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