Moodle 2.8 release notes

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Release date: Not yet released

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.8.


  • MDL-3714 - Reply to forum posts by e-mail

Functional changes

  • ...

API changes

  • There are new convenience functions to obtain $cm objects that belong to the cm_info class. get_course_and_cm_from_cmid($cmorid, $modulename) and get_course_and_cm_from_instance($instanceorid, $modulename) will efficiently obtain $course and $cm at the start of a module script in one line. Also, the new function cm_info::create($cm) can be used when you need a cm_info object, but only have a standard database record.
  • Choice event definitions have changed in MDL-3034 [placeholder for this to be expanded]
  • MDL-47194 - A new inbound message API was created.
  • ...

Fixes and improvements

  • ...