Moodle 2.7.4 release notes

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Release date: 12 January, 2015

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.7.4.


  • MDL-40241 - Default Manager and Teacher role are able to manually mark course as completed
  • MDL-46442 - Notifications about assignment re-submissions are sent
  • MDL-43462 - EditPDF correctly shows landscape PDFs
  • MDL-43679 - Clicking link to Moodle in MS Word no longer results "You are already logged in" message

Functional changes

  • MDL-42717 - Ensure automated backup files are deleted when an error occurs because of directory permissions
  • MDL-47601 - Ensure old automated backups are deleted including the case when file name is renamed from language string
  • MDL-48023 - Changed "Cache-control: private" to "public" on public static files to increase performance
  • MDL-48224 - Forum cron uses SMTP buffering
  • MDL-33606 - Make distinction between all section course view and a single section course view log entry

API changes

  • MDL-44657 - No more Javascript error when the form class is namespaced
  • MDL-48697 - Completion directory is recognized by Moodle as a valid component directory
  • MDL-48495 - Limit protocols supported by curl by default

UI changes

  • MDL-35078 - End date for self enrolment on the bulk enrolment form now also contains time
  • MDL-48570 - Course search form is displayed above the course list
  • MDL-42501 - Added help about deleting grades in the course reset form
  • MDL-48206 - Wider textarea for the comments in the comments block

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-40097 - Course completion role criteria no longer causes fatal error
  • MDL-35494 - User is able to restore an activity even when they own only one course
  • MDL-20304 - Practice lesson does not appear in Gradebook [Patch]
  • MDL-45324 - Grading notifications are not sent before the grades are released to students
  • MDL-47133 - Keyboard shortcuts in Atto do not interfere with regional keyboard settings
  • MDL-37704 - Possible to lock Description field in users' profiles
  • MDL-36240 - Calendar events from activities are restored even without user data
  • MDL-14908 - Parent Role can view courses for students that are in groups
  • MDL-46472 - Fixed upgrade loop caused by undeletable themes
  • MDL-31822 - Non-default section name is shown at the site level
  • MDL-47475 - PDF annotation is visible by all students in the team and not only by the one who made a submission
  • MDL-47993, MDL-48088 - Correctly parse dates with timezones when importing from Microsoft calendar
  • MDL-48179 - Backup progress no longer times out when compressing large backup

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