Moodle 1.9.13 release notes

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Release date: 1st August, 2011

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 1.9.13.


  • MDL-27717 - Problem with language packs causing incorrect amounts to be sent to - fixed
  • MDL-27695 - Moodle Docs links fixed to point to correct version of docs
  • MDL-27638 - Assignment Module Submissions SQL avoid overflow
  • MDL-27577 - Timestamp and timezone fixes

Security issues

  • MSA-11-0020 Continue links in error messages can lead offsite
  • MSA-11-0024 Recaptcha images were being authenticated from an older server
  • MSA-11-0025 Group names in user upload CSV not being escaped
  • MSA-11-0026 Fields in user upload CSV not being escaped

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