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[[Category:Release notes]]
[[Category:Release notes]]
[[Category:moodle 1.7]]
[[Category:Moodle 1.7]]
[[de:Moodle 1.7.2 Versionsinformationen]]
[[de:Moodle 1.7.2 Versionsinformationen]]

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Release date: 30th March, 2007

This page shows issues resolved in this version


  • Unintended logouts are now prevented - sesskey added to logout.php script
  • Fixed problem with visible posts in user profile when "forceloginforprofiles" disabled
  • Fixed visibility of site blog entries
  • Corrected wrong includes in lams
  • XSS injection in SCORM 1.2 reports
  • Fixed old problem with approvals in Data module, edited entries were approved automatically
  • Fixed escaping in shell commands (Win32 platform only)
  • Fixed visibility of blog drafts
  • Rewritten parameter handling in repository plugin
  • Fixed XSS in login block