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I tried to make an account on but I didn't get an email to confirm my address. Why?!

Most likely the email ended up in the spam folder of your email account. Please check carefully; if there is no sign of it, use the contact form.

I'm getting tons of email copies of forum posts. How do I stop them?

  • Either open one of the emails, scroll to the bottom of it and click the link 'Unsubscribe from this forum' or 'Unsubscribe from all forums'
  • Or log in to then go to your user menu (top right) > Preferences > Notification preferences and click to turn off email notifications of subscribed forum posts.

If you'd still like forum post notifications, just not so many emails, in Preferences > Forum preferences you can enable an email digest i.e. one email per day containing all recent forum post notifications.

You can also receive forum post notifications via Moodle messaging or the Moodle app (see Preferences > Notification preferences) or can monitor forum activity via an RSS feed.

What is the best way to ensure my question is answered?

See forums help for advice.

Is it OK to post my question in more than one forum?

Please choose only the most appropriate forum to post in. Posting the same question in multiple forums is of no benefit. It only fragments the support you receive and makes it more difficult for other users to find the correct information in the future when they do a search. (Source: site policy.)

I have an idea for a new feature in Moodle. What do I do?

See New feature ideas.

Where can I report any spam I come across on

To report spam in forum posts or comments, please use the 'Report to moderator' link.

To report spam sent via Moodle messaging, or spam on any other Moodle community site, use the contact form.

My post has been incorrectly flagged as containing spam

Occasionally our spam prevention system reports false positives. Please use the contact form if your forum post was blocked by mistake.

Where can I report a problem on one of the Moodle community sites?

Please check whether the problem has already been reported: If not, create an issue for it, selecting Moodle community sites as project.

How are icons added next to certain users' forum posts?

The icons for Particularly helpful Moodlers, Core Developers etc. are pictures indicating group membership. Group pictures may be added when creating or updating a group.

What advertising is allowed on

See the section on advertising in the site policy.

How can I link automatically to a tracker issue from a forum post?

Simply type the issue number e.g. MDL-1234.

How can I link automatically to a page in the documentation wiki from a forum post?

Type the title of the page in double square brackets. To use words other than the page title as the text of the link, add the pipe "|" divider followed by the alternative text.

For example, to link to the documentation on upgrading type



[[Upgrading|Documentation on upgrading]]

To link to a page in a documentation wiki in another language, add an extra pipe "|" divider followed by the language code.

For example, to link to type



[[Notes|Notes documentation in French|fr]]

What filters are used on

See en:Filters used on the forums for the full list of standard and contributed filters.

Where can I post a Moodle-related job advert?

Moodle-related jobs offered may be posted in the Moodle Jobs database.

Why does Moodle Docs use MediaWiki rather than the Moodle wiki module?

MediaWiki was chosen for our documentation wiki because it is designed to be used by thousands of people collaboratively editing a large numbers of pages. It has lots of features, such as inter-language linking, templates, categories, namespaces and page redirects, which are put to good use in Moodle Docs.

The wiki module is designed to be used within a Moodle course. It has far fewer tools than MediaWiki for handling large numbers of pages.

How do I ask for my account on to be deleted?

Go to and click the button 'Save changes'.

Why did I receive a password reset email when I didn't request it?

If someone accidentally mistypes their username when logging into, and doesn't notice their mistake, it's likely they will request a new password. With over 2 million registered accounts on, there's a good chance that the mistyped username is the same as someone else's. Thus a password reset email can be generated by mistake.

If you received a password reset email when you didn't request it, please just ignore it.

Why have I received an email saying that my account is locked?

After several failed login attempts, a user's account is locked and they are sent an email containing a URL to unlock the account. With over a million registered accounts on, it's possible that someone can accidentally mistype their username or password and inadvertently lock another user's account.

If you receive an email saying that your account is locked when you haven't attempted to log in, please don't worry. Simply follow the URL to unlock your account or wait 30 minutes after which time a locked account is automatically unlocked.

For more details of the account lockout feature, see Site policies.