Messaging Notifications Project

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Improved Messaging and Notifications
Project state Developing
Tracker issue MDL-54682
Assignee User:Mark Nelson


The messages and notifications pages in Moodle have not been improved in a long time and there are significant usability challenges that need to be addressed. This project is a redesign of the UI for messages and notification including:

  • The messages preferences pages
  • The way messages and notifications are displayed to the user in the page (in the header now)
  • The pages for managing contacts and conversations


These rough wireframes were used to get early feedback on the design - they are not intended to 100% reflect the final solution.

Messages / Conversations Page

Viewing conversations
Viewing contacts
Viewing a particular contact.
Searching a contact and clicking on result.
Searching for users in a course.
Starting a new message.
Deleting messages.

Notification Menu

Truncated items
Expanded item
Mobile view:

Messages Menu

Message menu