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==Moodle 1.9.8==
#REDIRECT [[Releases]]
{{:Moodle 1.9.8 release notes}}
==Moodle 1.8.11==
{{:Moodle 1.8.11 release notes}}
==Moodle 1.7.7==
{{:Moodle 1.7.7 release notes}}
==Moodle 1.6.9==
{{:Moodle 1.6.9 release notes}}
== See also ==
*[[Moodle version history]] for dates of release and links to notes for earlier versions
[[Category:Release notes]]
[[es:Notas de versiones]]
[[fr:Notes de mise à jour]]
[[pt:Versões do Moodle]]
[[ru:Примечания к версиям]]
[[de:Aktuellste Versionsinformationen]]

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