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Moodle 2.0

Why YUI?
The decision to use Yahoo! User Interface Library was done after a developer poll in 2006. Many core developers and contributors already learned how to use it and it can not be replaced by something else easily. YUI 3 is significantly improved and should help us catch up with other more used frameworks such has JQuery.
Can I use JQuery in my plugin?
In theory yes, but you need to integrate it manually with Moodle which may create some unexpected problems.
Why the global M?
It is problematic to set up global variables from code loaded through the YUI loader. There were also some function scoping problems.
Why the strange namespace organisation in M?
It is easy to tell the namespace from plugin name and vice versa. This allowed us to implement some simple JS module autoloading.
Why the static init_ methods in JS module?
It is easy to guess how to use JS code from PHP. This should significantly improve readability of docs generated from the JS code.
YUI 3 does not implement all YUI2 features
You can use all YUI 2 modules in Moodle 2.0, simply include it as one of the dependencies in module description or manually via Y.use('yui2-tree', function(Y) { .... });, the prefix yui2- is used to differentiate these from newer modules.

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