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As of Dec 2017, at Moodle HQ each core developer is assigned a list of components to lead. They are responsible for triaging the issues in those components, planning the roadmap of issues to be worked on and should be consulted as part of the peer review process for all issues relating to their components.

The current list of component leads is:

Adrian (abgreeve), Mihail (Geshoski)

Blocks, Blog, Book, Filepicker, Glossary, Lesson, Ratings, Reports, Repositories, Resource

Andrew (dobedobedoh), Ryan (ryanwyllie)

Email, Forum, HTML Editor (Atto), HTML Editor (TinyMCE), Installation, JavaScript, Logging, RSS, Unit tests, User Tours

Damyon (damyon), Zig (zig)

Assignment, Assignment (2.2), Competencies, Database activity module, Backup, Backup: IMS-CC

David (dmonllao), Ankit (ankit_frenz)

Analytics, Caching, Global search, Gradebook, Grading methods, Libraries, Performance, Tasks

David (mudrd8mz), Sara (sarjona)

Badges, Cohorts, Dashboard (My home), Enrolments, Language, Maths filters, MNet, Plagiarism, Roles / Access, SCORM, Translation, User management, Workshop

Jake (jaked), Jun (jpataleta )

Automated functional tests (behat), Choice, Comments, Conditional activities, Database SQL/XMLDB, Events API, Files API, Filters, Forms Library, Portfolio, Web Services

Marina (marina)

Feedback, Hub, Survey, Tags, Wiki (2.x)

Mark (markn)

Activity completion, Authentication, Chat, Course completion, External Tool (IMS-LTI), IMS-CP resource type, LTI provider, Media, Messages

Simey (lameze), Shamim (rezaie9)

Calendar, Groups, Questions, Quiz