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Moodle 3.10

In Moodle 3.10 onwards, H5P content may be styled.

A renderer with 4 methods has been added to core_h5p:

  • h5p_alter_styles and h5p_alter_scripts, to alter CSS and JS for the player and the editor.
  • h5p_alter_semantics, to modify the fields displayed in the editor (for instance, change the order or remove some of the fields for some specific content-types). The approach for the existing alterLibrarySemantics method in h5p/classes/framework.php was not the expected (because it shouldn't be used to modify existing semantics; this is more about to change then on-the-fly).
  • h5p_alter_filtered_parameters, for adapting the H5P content displayed in the player.

For more details, please see MDL-69087.