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|state = Developing
|state = Developing
|tracker = MDL-54987
|tracker = MDL-54987
|discussion =  
|discussion = https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=335685
|assignee = [[User:Frédéric Massart]] [[User:Simey Lameze]]
|assignee = [[User:Frédéric Massart]] [[User:Simey Lameze]]

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Graph API
Project state Developing
Tracker issue MDL-54987
Discussion https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=335685
Assignee User:Frédéric Massart User:Simey Lameze


Moodle needs a new graph library that is easy to use and can create advanced graphs with interactivity. When in introduce this new graph library we need to update all graphs in core to use the new library and also look at additional reports to add. Additional reports should be done last and will be determined by the time available.


  • Printable graphs
  • Translatable (RTL)
  • License compatible
  • Accessible (e.g. provide table of data for every graph)
  • Able to handle very large datasets
  • Visually pleasing

The more charting types supported the better, but a minimum would be to support all the charts currently in Moodle (We don’t want to only implement new graphs and leave the existing ones untouched - we need to do a complete conversion/upgrade).

Part of the project is to define a simple to use, but powerful API for loading and feeding data to the chosen graph API (including AJAX fetching where required). Maybe build background processing into the API (replace the stats cron jobs).


A charting library has been chosen (charts.js), API started and graphs are being converted. See the tracker issue MDL-54987 to view progress.