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Grading methods

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Rubrics are not enough? Here's how to write your own advanced grading methods for teachers to use in gradeable activities!

see Rubrics in grade/grading/form/rubric as an example

Frankenstyle prefix for advanced grading plugins is gradingform. The directory to land the plugins is grade/grading/form.

The required files in the advanced grading plugin are:

  • version.php
  • lib.php
  • edit.php (or other path if gradingform_controller::get_editor_url is overriden)
  • lang/en/gradingform_PLUGINNAME.php

If plugin defines it’s own database tables and/or can be backed up and restored, the following files need to be present:

  • db/install.xml
  • backup/moodle2/backup_gradingform_PLUGINNAME_plugin.class.php
  • backup/moodle2/restore_gradingform_PLUGINNAME_plugin.class.php

It also can be also very useful to have files

  • renderer.php
  • styles.css

Please refer to other parts of dev docs on how to write language file, version.php, backup/*, renderer.php and db/*.

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