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Attendance password rotation/expiry

The attendance plugin provides the ability for teachers to display a QR code to allow students to take their own attendance, the QR code is currently static for the current session and does not change. This project aims to increase the security of the feature by implementing a process that frequently changes the displayed QR code and expires the old QR code, making it difficult for the QR code to be shared outside the session.

Adding regressor to machine learning backend

This project is basically about adding regression capabilities to both the PHP backend (based on php-ml) and the Python backend (based on tensorflow) included in Moodle core. Thereby, expanding this API to support regression, so we can write models that estimate linear values instead of classes.

Adding multi-class classification to machine learning backend

Adding multi-class classification to the Moodle machine learning backend by exposing functionality to the core which is derived from python Tensorflow and the phpml library.