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'Frankenstyle' refers to the naming convention that is used to uniquely identify a Moodle plugin based on the type of plugin and its name.

Martin Dougiamas is credited with inventing the word 'frankenstyle'. (It is a great word!)


Frankenstyle names have a prefix and then a name, separated by an underscore.

  • The prefix is determined by the type of plugin. For example, the prefix for a module is mod.
  • The name is the name of the plugin. (Plugin names are always made of lower-case letters.)

So the frankenstyle name for the quiz module is mod_quiz.

Plugin types

  • Module: mod_
  • Block: block_ (Not blocks. The fact that the top-level folder is a very old mistake that it is too late to fix now.)
  • Admin report: report_
  • Course report: coursereport_
  • ... (TODO - somebody else add these as they come up please)

To get a definitive list, do print_object(get_plugin_types()); in a Moodle 2.0 install.


Frankenstyle is used in:

Table names

All table names for a plugin must begin with its frankenstyle name (after the standard Moodle table prefix).

Examples: mdl_mod_quiz, mdl_mod_quiz_attempts


All capabilities for a plugin use the frankenstyle name, except with a / instead of a _.

Example: mod/quiz:viewattempt

Other places (TODO)

Please add more as they come up.