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Note: This page is a work-in-progress. Feedback and suggested improvements are welcome. Please join the discussion on or use the page comments.

Moodle Forum Revamp
Project state Specification
Tracker issue MDL-39707
Assignee Jason Fowler & Andrew Nicols @ Moodle HQ

Project goals

  • Improve accessibility of the Moodle Forums
  • Make the forums more modern in appearance
  • Make the code in the forums module more manageable
  • Make it possible for themers and developers to over ride aspects of the forum layout easily


  • Backwards compatibility
  • Creating sub-plugins for "Forum Types" (Q&A etc) and "Forum View"
  • Subscription management
  • Editor Light - a cut down version of Atto for "Reply inline"
  • Make use of Renderables and Renders


At present the Moodle forums are the oldest part of the code base, and lag behind the rest of Moodle in a big way.

We hope to implement a new interface for the forums, based on the accessible view from MoodleRooms' HSU Forum, and add some new functionality over time.

Current issues

Potential tasks

Implement sub-plugins

Create accessible forum view

Recreate forum types as sub-plugins

Implement new subscription methods