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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
=== Sample e-mail reminder for course event
=== Sample e-mail reminder for due event
== Tracker ==
== Tracker ==

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Reminders are very useful for both students as well as teachers to recall their scheduled event before the actual moment. This project is about creating a set of reminders for Moodle calendar events and sending them automatically to relevant users on timely manner via Moodle message interface. It will be implemented as a local plugin to the Moodle.


Moodle 2.2 required

Community Bonding Period


  1. DONE - Refine the project proposal with Michael, Rossiani and the community
  2. DONE - Feature discussion
  3. DONE - Create mockups


Following features are expecting to package with the reminders plugin.

1. Reminders can be sent by customizing according to each event type.
  • Separate message providers for each event type.
  • Ability to customize message content according to event type.
2. Administrator configurations
  • Administrator can enable/disable the process of sending reminders without uninstalling the plugin.
  • Ability to choose how many days ahead should the reminders be created for each event type.
    • Reminders can be created only by days.
    • Supported only fixed amount of days ahead such as 7 days, 3 days and 1 day.
  • Ability to keep/remove history of reminder events.
2. User configurations
  • User can select desired method of receiving reminder notifications on each message provider.

Coding Period


1. DONE - Finalize the abstract architecture.
2. DONE - Implementing the basic structure of the plugin. (CONTRIB-3648)
  • DONE - Creating a suitable version file.
  • DONE - Creating a language file.
  • DONE - Creating a message provider file.
  • DONE - Creating a lib file for the cron function.
3. DONE - Implementing message providers for each event type. (CONTRIB-3659)
4. DONE - Providing a administrator settings page. (CONTRIB-3660)
5. DONE - Implementing necessary reminder classes. (CONTRIB-3669)
  • DONE - Creating abstract reminder class.
  • DONE - Creating concrete reminder classes for each event type.
6. IMPLEMENTING - Building functionality.
  • DONE - Generation of message content for reminders. (CONTRIB-3671)
  • DONE - Implementation of Cron function. (CONTRIB-3670)
  • Extending to support plugin for repeated events. (CONTRIB-3672)
7. Testing
8. Bug fixing

File Structure

Following shows expected file structure of the plugin. Plugin name would be "reminders".

  • contents/course_reminder.class.php
  • contents/site_reminder.class.php
  • contents/group_reminder.class.php
  • contents/user_reminder.class.php
  • contents/due_reminder.class.php
  • db/access.php
  • db/message.php
  • db/upgrade.php
  • lang/en/local_reminders.php
  • reminder.class.php
  • version.php
  • lib.php
  • settings.php

High Level Architecture Diagram

overall architecture.jpg

Reminders Class Diagram

reminder class diagram 1.jpg


Administrator Setting Page

reminders admin config page.jpg

Message Format (HTML)

  • Message Title : Reminder: ${event_detail} @ ${event_date_time}

message format HTML.jpg

Message Format (Plain-text)

  • Message Title : Reminder: ${event_detail} @ ${event_date_time}
  • Message Content:
Reminder - #n days remaining
When -> ${event_time}
What -> ${event_course} or ${event_type}
Description -> ${event_description}


=== Sample e-mail reminder for course event sample email reminder course.jpg

=== Sample e-mail reminder for due event sample email reminder due.jpg


  • CONTRIB-3647 Automating Email reminders for calendar events

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