Developer meeting January 2015

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Developer meetings > January 2015 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 20 January 2015
Meeting room Live stream at YouTube
Chat Regular dev chat
Twitter #moodledev
Event page Google+ page

The meeting will be streamed live on YouTube with chat through the regular Dev chat room and comments on Twitter.


Moodle JS framework prototypes research (Invited speaker)

Plugins directory public API

  • by David Mudrák
  • Overview of recent development and the ability to integrate external tools with the plugins directory (such as mdk, moosh or custom shell scripts)
  • Estimated length: 5 minutes

Prechecking against Moodle coding guidelines from your command line

  • by Frédéric Massart
  • The patch precheck job in Moodle continuous integration process - see Automated code review
  • Short demonstration of the possibility to execute the CI precheck job from the command line (without the need to use the 'cime' label in the tracker), especially when using mdk
  • Estimated length: 10 minutes

Development of the quiz fault-tolerant mode

  • by Tim Hunt
  • This allows the students to continue working on their quiz attempt, even if the network is unreliable, by storing everything on the client-side, and using Ajax when possible. I will try to show some more of the details.
  • If the network connection never comes back, you can download the responses as an ecrypted file, which can later be uploaded ot the server.
  • Work in progress code is at Tim's github repo
  • Do we want this in standard Moodle? If so, when, and how do we add it? (It was developed as a plugin while it was an experiment. If it went into standard Moodle it would need to be merged into the main quiz code.)
  • Estimated length: 20 minutes

Add more

  • You are welcome to participate at the meeting as a speaker, too. We appreciate any Moodle development experience sharing
  • If you have something you'd like to add to this page, please edit this page or contact David Mudrák.