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| Meeting room
| Meeting room
| To be announced
| [http://dev.moodle.org/mod/openmeetings/view.php?id=170 OpenMeeting room in Moodle Dev Meeting Course]

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Developer meetings > November 2011 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Meeting room OpenMeeting room in Moodle Dev Meeting Course

In this meeting we hope to have a focus on the upcoming Moodle release.


  • Roll-call and introductions
  • Moodle 2.2 release details
  • QA Testing
  • Hackfest in Perth
  • Potential 2.3 Roadmap
    • Global Search for Moodle 2.3
    • Restoring 1.9 backup user data

If you have time...

  • Extending TinyMCE editor with new plugins (patch the Editor to make it more easy for developers to add new plugins) nadavkav
  • I would love to hear a few words on the future of SCORM (what features are expected in the future, will there be an Export to SCORM feature?) I am asking, since, the Israeli Ministry of Education is adopting this standard, nation wide. so it is important for me/us to know where is Moodle going with this standard. nadavkav
  • How about making Moodle an OpenID provider for all the registered users? (Is this a silly idea? Is there an easier way to let users roam and use different OpenID consumer supporting tools/services on the Internet) nadavkav

If you would like to add an agenda item, please edit this page or email Michael d.