Developer meeting July 2015

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Developer meetings > July 2015 meeting notes

Time 07:00 UTC on Tuesday, 21 July 2015 Add to my calendar
Meeting room Live stream at YouTube
Forum discussion Thread in GDF at
Chat Regular dev chat
Twitter #moodledev
Social event page Google+ page
Meeting notes devpad


Summary report of the recent MoodleMoot Working groups and hackfests (Dublin, Melbourne)

Michael de Raadt, David Mudrák, and Andrew Nicols

Melbourne Working group and hackfests


Dublin Working group and hackfests


Moodle Association and how it is supposed to affect the Moodle development in the future

Martin Dougiamas

Moodle HQ's personal projects week products - HQ devs

  • Improved East Asian support (ruby tags in Atto and in fullname()) - Jetha Chan
  • mod_lesson improved lesson creation tool - Adrian Greeve
  • Events Graphic Reports plugin - Simey Lameze
  • Moodle - Ifttt integration - Ankit Agarwal
  • Tag API changes in 3.0 - Marina Glancy

Moodle Mobile 2

Juan Leyva

Release notes (wip)

User disguises (previously anonymous forum)

Andrew Nicols

I've been looking at how we can implement MDL-1071 - Anonymous Forums for a while and have recently started to write-up my notes. I believe that this is a realisable goal and I briefly discussed it at the recent Australian Moot's hackfest.

My intention is to implement this at the context-level so that, in theory, any module, or block can support the feature. Some of the feedback that I received at the hackfest was that this should be renamed as Moodle can never really provide true anonymity - it is always possible in some way to determine a user identity (e.g. logs). As a result, I've suggested the name "User Disguises".

My working notes and summary of the issue (still a work in progress).

Please feel encouraged to raise topics you would like to present / discuss during the meeting. Contact David Mudrák for details.