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| Meeting recording (including searchable, indexed transcript and chat log)
| Meeting recording (including searchable, indexed transcript and chat log)
| CORRECTED: https://moodle.zoom.us/recording/play/RFfhMaTIZQY0JM1-D8v__ZR-4dS6SoBdUdWafkLrnOKSdSnRmraDGP9uk1irmFR5?continueMode=true
| Meeting Minutes
| Meeting Minutes

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Developer meetings > February 2019 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Thursday, 14 February 2019
Join URL: https://moodle.zoom.us/j/259887936
Meeting recording (including searchable, indexed transcript and chat log) CORRECTED: https://moodle.zoom.us/recording/play/RFfhMaTIZQY0JM1-D8v__ZR-4dS6SoBdUdWafkLrnOKSdSnRmraDGP9uk1irmFR5?continueMode=true
Meeting Minutes https://devpad.moodle.org/p/MoodleDevCommunity-02-2019
Discussion Discussion thread at moodle.org

Proposed Agenda

This is an editable page. Please propose items you would like to present on (or request) here!

  1. Andrew Nicols: Moodle Mobile App update:
    1. Docker image
    2. Behat testing
  2. Proposed change to plugins with subplugins
  3. Luca Bösch: Addressing cog menus in behat tests
  4. Bas Brands: Deprecation of Bootstrap Base, migrating themes to Bootstrap 4/Boost


Minutes will be captured via Etherpad at https://devpad.moodle.org/p/MoodleDevCommunity-02-2019.

Please feel encouraged to raise topics you would like to present / discuss during these meetings. Contact Elizabeth Dalton for details.