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This [[:Category:Developer|Developer]] section of Moodle Docs is aimed at developers who contribute to the Moodle code, plugins, themes, and so on.
* If you manage a Moodle site, [[Administrator documentation]] may suit your needs better.
* If you teach using Moodle, try [[Teacher documentation]].
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<p class="note">'''Note:''' New developer documentation pages should be added to the ''Development namespace'' by typing <code>Development:</code> before the new page name i.e. <code><nowiki>[[New page name]]</nowiki></code>. If you are a developer, you probably want to change your [[Special:Preferences|preferences]] to include the Development namespace in searches.<br /><br />
A page may be added to the Developer category by adding the template <code><nowiki>{{CategoryDeveloper}}</nowiki></code> to the bottom of the page. - If required, you can use <code><nowiki>[[Category:Sort key]]</nowiki></code> to provide a sort key other than the default page name.</p>
== Speaking in English E-Learning Course ==
Speaking in English E-Learning Course
== Speaking in English E-Learning Course ==
Speaking in English E-Learning Course
== Speaking in English E-Learning Course ==
Speaking in English E-Learning Course
==How you can contribute==
== Speaking in English E-Learning Course ==
Speaking in English E-Learning Course
===Change core code===
Some types of change can only be made by editing the core Moodle code. Such changes are much harder to maintain than plugins. If you want your core change to be considered for inclusion in the official Moodle release, you need to create an issue in the [[Tracker|tracker]], and attach your change as a [[How_to_create_a_patch|patch]]. It is also a good idea to discuss your ideas in the forums first.  See [[Overview#Major_Development]] for more details.
===Ways to contribute that do not involve PHP programming===
*[[Themes|Create Moodle themes]]
*[[Translation|Translate Moodle into other languages]]
*[[MoodleDocs:Guidelines for contributors|Help document Moodle]]
*[[Tests|Join the testing effort]], which involves [[Tracker|participating in the bug tracker]]
==Plans for the future==
Ideas for and details of planned future features of Moodle are initially discussed on the forums in the [http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=5 Using Moodle] course at moodle.org. That developer discussions are intermixed with user discussions in the same forums may seem strange at first but is one of the reasons for the success of Moodle. It is important that both end-users and developers discuss the future features together.
Once ideas begin to crystallize on the forums they can be summarized in this wiki, either as part of the [[Roadmap|roadmap]] or in the form of [[Developer notes|developer notes]]. These pages then form the basis for further discussion in the forums.
*[[Developer notes|Developer notes]]
*[[Student projects]]
*[[Developer meetings]]
== Resources ==
*[[Developer FAQ]] - frequently asked questions, especially useful for newcomers to Moodle
*[[Finding_your_way_into_the_Moodle_code|Finding your way into the Moodle code]] - also aimed at newcomers
*[http://tracker.moodle.org/ Moodle tracker] - bug reports, feature requests and other tracked issues
**[[Firefox tracker search]] - How to setup a firefox quicksearch to easily navigate to moodle bugs
**[[Firefox tracker search#Firefox Search Plugins|Firefox Search Plugins]] - Find tracked issues even more easily
*[[Unmerged files]] - changes on the stable branch in CVS that have not been merged to [[HEAD]]
*Browse the code online:
**[http://cvs.moodle.org/moodle/ the code with a complete change history from CVS]
**[http://xref.moodle.org/index.html the code, with links generated by PHPXref]
*[http://phpdocs.moodle.org/ Moodle PHP doc reference] - compiled nightly from the comment attached to each class and function in the code. 
*[[Database Schema|Database Schema]] - for recent releases
*[http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=5#4 Development news and discussion] section of Using Moodle course
**especially the [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=55 General developer forum]
**[[Filters used on the Moodle.org forums|cool tricks you can use in the moodle.org forums]]
== Tools ==
Some tools people use when working on Moodle code:
=== IDEs ===
* [[Setting_up_Netbeans|Setting up NetBeans for Moodle development]] - NetBeans for PHP is a great out-of-the-box editor.
* [[Setting_up_Eclipse|Setting up Eclipse for Moodle development]] - Eclipse is a great editor to use for php development, if you can work out how to set it up.
* [[vim|Setting up Vim for Moodle development]]
* [http://www.aptana.com/ Aptana Studio 2]
=== Browser add-ons ===
*[http://getfirebug.com Firebug], see [[Firebug]] for details.
* [[Web developer extension]]
* [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/394 ViewSourceWith] - The main goal is to view page source with external applications, but you can do a lot of other things as well.
=== Miscellaneous ===
*[[ctags|Ctags]] - Using a tags file to navigate code
*[[W3C_validation|W3C HTML validator]] - Moodle has built in support to make using it easier.
*[[Windows Installer|Windows Installer]] - Windows Installer documentation for developer.
See also: [http://dev.moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=18 Useful Development Tools forum]in the [http://dev.moodle.org/course/view.php?id=2 Introduction to Moodle Programming course]
==See also==
*[http://moodle.org/security/ Moodle Security Announcements]
*[http://moodle.com/partners/ Moodle Partners] - providers of custom Moodle development services
[[Category:Developer tools]]
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