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This is the Sacajawea 8b team blog. It is our hope and vision to keep you all informed and educated about your students' daily minglings. My name is Mrs. Stevens and I'll be your leader.
I recently became the parent of a school-aged kid. My son entered kindergarten last fall and I'm not gonna lie, it has dramatically effected my teaching. I finally understand your angst over purchasing more school supplies, or the fact that your student is only communicating small bits of information to you. I imagine by 8th grade the communication gap is quite excessive.
My five year old didn't eat his lunch on the second day of school. I picked him up; he opened his lunch box and the contents spilled out into the car. He didn't even eat the cookies! I was distraught. I was worried. When I asked him why, why he didn't eat his lunch, his comment was simple; "Because I wanted to go outside, Mom." It suddenly dawned on me that no one will check to make sure he eats his sandwhich anymore, or drinks his milk... We've entered the world of "Big Kids" and he's got to manage himself.... ugh!
It made me think of all of you. It made me think of all of your children. I began to wonder how I, we, could bridge the gap between home and school. The answer was this blog.
Every week, our plan is to meet together and update the blog with homework updates, activities, pictures of work, upcoming field trips and blurbs about the team. We hope this connects teachers, students and parents. We hope you'll read it and give us constructive feedback. We hope to make your parental job easier.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Becca Stevens @ becca.stevens@bsd7.org
Doug Kraft @ doug.kraft@bsd7.org
Matt Barefield @ matt.barefield@bsd7.org
Greg Franklin @ greg.franklin@bsd7.org

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