Core filetypes

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lib/classes/filetypes.php defines the filetypes included in core.

get_default_types returns an associative array of extension keys to a value which is an array of type, icon, groups and string (which is a lang string which will be used when displaying the type. The lang string is passed $a->EXT which is the actual extension.

'php' => array('type' => 'text/plain', 'icon' => 'sourcecode'), 'pic' => array('type' => 'image/pict', 'icon' => 'image', 'groups' => array('image'), 'string' => 'image'), 'pict' => array('type' => 'image/pict', 'icon' => 'image', 'groups' => array('image'), 'string' => 'image'), 'png' => array('type' => 'image/png', 'icon' => 'png', 'groups' => array('image', 'web_image'), 'string' => 'image') </syntaxhighlight>

String example (in lang/en/mimetypes.php) $string['image'] = 'Image ({$a->MIMETYPE2})'; </syntaxhighlight>

Any groups added should add a language string to lang/en/mimetypes.php with the formate group:<groupname>. This is so that the group can be displayed in a human readable formate in the user's native language.