Contributing to Moodle

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There are lots of ways you can contribute to the Moodle project:

User support

Join in with the international discussions in Moodle in English or community discussions in many other languages.

Moodle Users Association

The Moodle Users Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association which helps to drive the Moodle project. It is a separate entity from Moodle Pty Ltd or any other entity involved in the Moodle open source project. The Association extends the global Moodle community to complement Moodle Partner provision of services to their clients, Moodle project development by Moodle HQ, and existing various community engagement formats and forums, including individual developments for non-Core installations.


Help write and edit our user documentation in various languages or our developer docs.


Help test and report bugs via the Moodle Tracker (see the introduction to the Tracker) and participate in QA testing.

User experience (UX)

Participate in discussions in the Moodle UX area in and sign up to help with Moodle UX research.


Fix a bug in Moodle core. If you are looking for a good issue to start with, please see the list of relatively easy Moodle bugs.

Help develop new code for Moodle or share your code in the Plugins directory.

Adopt a plugin seeking a new maintainer and help many users. See the Plugins adoption programme.

See also Working with the Community.

Sign up for the 'Moodle Plugin Development Basics' self-paced MOOC on the Learn Moodle site to help you learn how to write plugins for Moodle from start to finish.


Share your theme in the Themes section of the plugins directory.


Assist with the translation of Moodle, including contributing a translation/correction, translating a plugin, translating Moodle screencasts subtitles or suggesting an improvement to an English language string.

Social media

Help raise awareness of the Moodle project and share the latest news and happenings in the Moodle world

Books and video courses

A percentage of all sales from books or video courses goes to Moodle Pty Ltd to help support Moodle development.

Shop Official Merchandise

Moodle receives a percentage from each item purchased from our official Moodle Shop

Vote for future Moodle improvements

See the new feature ideas. Check the Moodle tracker and vote for the issues that you think will improve Moodle the most.

Moodle Partners

A certified network of Moodle Partners contribute to the Moodle project. Moodle Partners offer services such as hosting, support, installation, custom coding, course development and consulting, amongst others. Find our full listing of Moodle Partners here.

More ways to contribute

Do you want to help but don't have the time? Do you want to give something back to the project to help pay the developers who make it happen? Then please make a donation to the project.