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This is a developer's page for Moodle Version 2.0. A conditional activity is a dependency filter that prevents a student from entering and/or seeing an activity, resource, section or other Moodle course feature. Typical conditions are based upon an overall score, a score on a specific activity and time spent.

For example, a student will not see the second topic until they have scored 80% or higher on the first topic's quiz.


Different attempts at conditional activities in the Using Moodle Conditional Activities forum; generating a course page for each user requires lots of processing (Martin).

Possible solution (David Delgado): add a conditional activities on/off selection for each course, being defaulted to off. Normal behaviour would be just the same as now, and conditional activities extra processing power would be used just for the courses that would need them. So, we would get the best of both sytems: fast default behaviour (no conditional activities used) and powerful adaptive e-learning posibilities (conditional activities used). Could it be a good solution? Hope so. :-)

Wouldn't it be better to just have a "has conditional activities" flag that was automatically set and unset when a conditional activity was added or removed? (removal would require checking to see if there were any remaining conditional activities, of course) That'd avoid cluttering up the Settings interface with an extra item. :-) (Tony Hursh)

Adaptive learning questions

Current (through 1.6)non standard conditional activity modules use a minimum score.

  1. Are we going to allow the teacher a choice to make the cut off a greater than or a less than condition?
  2. Are we thinking of expanding the condition to defining a range of scores, greater than X and less than Y? --chris collman 14:37, 28 December 2006 (CST)
  3. Are there plans to create automatic conditionally filtered courses, i.e. The system preventing the enrolment of a user that hasn't passed a course that is requisite to another course?

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