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Example 1

Based on a portion of Department of Education for the State of Vermont's Grade 1 Expectations for Literacy for Reading.

competency depth level fields:

  • id: 1, depth: 1, name: "Grade", type: text
  • id: 2, depth: 2, name: "Standard", type: text
  • id: 3, depth: 3, name: "Strategy type", type: multi-choice, options: "none" (default), "Early Reading Skills and Strategies"
  • id: 4, depth: 4, name: "Code"

competency; competency depth level data:

  • id: 1, depth: 0, parent: null, name: "Literacy"
  • id: 2, depth: 1, parent: 1, name: "Reading"; Grade: "1"
  • id: 3, depth: 2, parent: 2, name: "Reading Strategies"; Standard: "1.1"
  • id: 4, depth: 3, parent: 3, name: "Phonological Awareness"; Strategy type: "Early Reading Skills and Strategies"
  • id: 5, depth: 4, parent: 4, name: "Applies phonological knowledge and skills by..."; Code: "R1:1"
  • id: 6, depth: 3, parent: 3, name: "Concepts of Print"; Strategy type: "Early Reading Skills and Strategies"
  • id: 7, depth: 4, parent: 6, name: "Demonstrates understanding of concepts of print during shared or individual reading by..."; Code: "R1:2"
  • id: 8, depth: 3, parent: 3, name: "Word Identification Skills and Strategies"; Strategy type: none
  • id: 9, depth: 4, parent: 8, name: "Applies word identification/decoding skills and strategies (leading to automaticity) by..."; Code: "R1:3"


  • id: 1, competencyid: 5, name: "Counting syllables in one-to four-syllable words"
  • id: 2, competencyid: 5, name: "Blending and segmenting phonemes in one-syllable words (e.g., 'f-i-sh,' 'r-u-n')"
  • id: 3, competencyid: 7, name: "Identifying basic punctuation marks and their usage (e.g., question marks, periods, quotation marks)
  • id: 4, competencyid: 7, name: "Identifying key parts of a book: title, author"
  • id: 5, competencyid: 7, name: "Demonstrating one-one matching of words spoken to words in print"
  • id: 6, competencyid: 9, name: "Reading grade-appropriate, high-frequency words (including irregularly spelled words, contractions, etc.)"
  • id: 7, competencyid: 9, name: "Identifying sound-symbol correspondences: consonants, two-letter blends (e.g., bl, gr), basic consonant and vowel digraphs (e.g., th, ee, ay), short vowels and long vowels affected by silent e)"
  • id: 8, competencyid: 9, name: "Reading regularly spelled one-and two-syllable words (e.g., “lot,” “kitten,” “doghouse”) by using knowledge of sounds and letter patterns (including common endings -s, -ed, -ly, -ing)"