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Note: This page is a work-in-progress. Feedback and suggested improvements are welcome. Please join the discussion on or use the page comments.

Project state Work in progress
Tracker issue MDL-21781
Discussion n/a
Assignee Petr Škoda (škoďák)

Moodle 2.0


Site-wide groups (aka cohorts) is one of the most requested missing features.

  1. Simplify manual enrolments - instead of enrolling students one by one, it would be possible to enrol a cohort with single click.
  2. Cohort enrolment plugin - new enrolment plugin synchronising users in cohort with enrolments in a course (including role assignment and group membership)
  3. Synchronisation with external systems - some external systems do not know the actual courses, they only contain some user groups, at present we do not have a simple way to reuse these groups in Moodle.
  4. Partially replace meta courses
  5. Replace category enrolments - category enrolments have major design issues and are not compatible with incoming enrolment changes.

DB tables

Table cohort definition of site-wide groups (aka cohorts)

Field Type Default Description
id int(10) auto-incrementing
contextid int(10) foreign key, references
name char(254) human readable cohort name
idnumber char(100) unique identifier of the cohort, can be used in external systems
description text longer description
descriptionformat int(2) text format
component char(100) component name of a plugin responsible for assignment of users (ex: auth_ldap, etc.), NULL means manual assignments
timecreated int(10) timestamp, creation date
timemodified int(10) timestamp, last modification

Context specified can be system or course category level, defining of cohort a course context would not make much sense.

Table cohort_members stores cohort members

Field Type Default Description
id int(10) auto-incrementing
cohortid int(10) foreign key, references
userid int(10) foreign key, references
timeadded int(10) timestamp, when added

New capabilities

  • moodle/cohort:assign - add/delete members (only for manual assignment cohorts with source == null)
  • moodle/cohort:manage -add/delete/move cohorts
  • moodle/cohort:view - view membership and use cohort elsewhere

Context id defined in cohort table is used for access control only, the cohort may be actually used in any context (this may happen when moving courses, categories or cohorts).

User interface

  1. Cohort edit link in CONTEXT_SYSTEM and each CONTEXT_COURSECAT- most probably from the settings block
  2. Option for manual cohort enrolment - part of new enrolment UI
  3. New UI in cohort enrolment plugin
  4. New options in group creation UI
  5. New options for sync with external groups in auth or enrol plugins

Implementation steps

  1. add db tables and cohort membership UI
  2. add option to assign role to all cohort users (one time only, no sync)
  3. enrolment rewrite
  4. cohort enrolment plugin


Cohorts are designed to replace course category enrolments because the new enrolment plugin is not compatible with this.

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