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We'll expand this page as we have more details. Right now, the plan is to:

  • Early Jan 2019: Open applications to the beta testing programme (early Jan 2019)
  • Late Jan 2019: Invite 100 people to take part in the testing, based on meeting certain criteria (language, location, experience, etc.)
  • Early Feb 2019: Receive daily/regular feedback from these 100 testers, and improve MoodleNet iteratively
  • Late Feb 2019: Once we're happy with progress, give 10 invites to each test user, increasing the number of people using MoodleNet to 1,000

In January 2019, we're planning to test MoodleNet with 100 users. In order to get to this point, we need to have a clear plan which answers the following questions:

  • Why? - why does MoodleNet exist?
  • What? - what is the value proposition we're testing?
  • How? - how are we going to test MoodleNet?
  • Who? - who is going to be involved in the testing?
  • When? - when will the testing take place? what comes next?
  • Where? - where will users go to test MoodleNet and give their feedback?