Backup 2.0

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Drop in ideas

  • Support incremental backups & restore.
  • Support 1-activity backup.
  • Support anonymisation of personal data on backup.
  • Separate process and progress.
  • XML format doesn't need to be radical different (IMO).
  • Support restore of old (1.9 only?) backups.
  • Hook in backup & restore to intercept & support other formats (BB, IMS-CC...)
  • One code base both for manual and scheduled backup
  • Scheduled restore?
  • OOP.
  • Secure (don't handle non-allowed data, user matching on restore, salted passwords..)
  • Safe (some sort of "rollback" on failure - requires to have everything annotated somewhere - backup_ids or so).
  • file-less backups - if you have separate backups, import/export etc.