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The issue MDLQA-1 contains testing tasks required to manually test many of the features and functions of Moodle.

We are aiming to automate as many of these tests as possible using Moodle's new behat-based testing framework, so that they can be run weekly, and so that real users can focus on more exploratory testing instead. Currently there are over 400 MDLQA tests, so help in automating them is much appreciated!

Automating a test

  1. Choose a test from this list quick tests to automate or from here if the previous list is empty: Top priority MDLQA tests to be automated.
  2. Create a new MDL issue with summary 'Automate MDLQA-wxyz' and component 'Automated functional tests' and any MDLQA component such as 'Forum' which is also an MDL component.
  3. Add the mdlqa_conversion label to the new MDL issue
  4. Link to the MDLQA test by selecting 'Will help resolve' as the link type.
  5. Follow the instructions provided in the section 'Writing features' in the Acceptance testing guide.
  6. Include 'MDLQA-wxyz' and a short description of what is being automated to the commit message/s where the .feature files are added/edited.

Many thanks for helping with test automating!

Note: Once the 'Top priority MDLQA tests to be automated' list is reduced to zero, choose a test from the following lists:

Quick start: Test automating

To skip steps 1. to 3. above, simply choose an issue from this list: Quick start test automating issues and then follow the instructions provided in the section 'Writing features' in the Acceptance testing guide.

New features with acceptance tests

New features with acceptance test will be tested in next QA cycle only. After QA cycle is over, it will be moved from MDLQA-1 to MDLQA-5249.

  • Issues should be linked to new QA issue as "is a QA test written for"
  • QA issue should be marked with priority blocker

Tests which cannot be automated

Certain tests cannot be automated, as they require integration with other systems, code base modifications or other actions outside the browser scope.

Existing tests which have been identified as such are:

New features and improvements which cannot have an automated test written for them should be labelled qa_test_required and detailed testing instructions provided which can then be used when writing a new MDLQA test.

Removing automated tests from the list of manual QA tests

When a test is automated, it needs to be moved from MDLQA-1 to MDLQA-5249.