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Now you can send a message to me by clicking on the "+" (plus) tab on the top of this page. I will automatically be notified of your message by email.


Ooops. I added loads of topics on the teacher manual front page then saw the note saying contact you if you wish to add topics!!!

Perhaps the 3rd party add on modules need to go on a seperate page as the first page will start to get really long.



I'll have a look at the topics you've created and just edit them, if necessary, ok? Re. the 3rd party add on modules - yes, I guess we'll have to move them to a separate page. (Edit - I have moved them now)

Thanks Darren,



przemek you said once that the pages we modify automatically appear in our watchlist, right? rafal


Yes, that's right. Is it not happening for you?


Theme Documentation

Hi Przemek,

some time ago I wrote in the forum to get in contact with you. Now it happens ;-)

It is nice to see the new online home for the Moodle documentation. I am very curiuos how active this project will evolve.

Martin sent me the link to this Moodle Docs site and proposed to write all theme related documentation here. He gave me Themes as the link. There I started to create a sub structure. Perhaps you have a look at it.

An important question is, if the themes documention and a theme scrapbook is well suited within the "Documentation for Developers" section? The scrapbook should be in something like a "Tipps & Tricks" section.

--UrsHunkler 2005-07-13

Hi Urs,

First of all, thank you for your contribution :-)

Regarding your question - as I understand it, the documentation you're writing will be for site admins who want to customize the look of their Moodle, right? If so, then I personally think that the theme documentation should be linked from the administrators', not developers' section. What do you think?

--Stencel 14 July 2005 20:31 (WST)

Hi Przemek,

I can give a clear yes-and-no-answer ;-) The documentation is

  • for web designers, who build themes
  • a base for developers to know how to build the hooks into their web pages
  • for admins too

What about making it a topic from every section. So every body will be able to find the theme topic in his/her mainly used section.

--UrsHunkler 2005-07-15 14:21:02 (WST)


Hi Przemek,

today I removed some porn spam on the start page. I think the spam attacks will increase when the docs are better known. I propose to give write access only to registered users. And that the important wiki pages are watched.

To keep the registration process as easy as possible perhaps there is a way to use the registration here? What do you think?

--UrsHunkler 18 July 2005 19:41 (WST)

Code repository

It occured to me that the documentation wiki would be a great place for developers to maintain information about their hacks and modifications which get lost in the forums.

Im thinking of something like ...

I know it's not a wiki but can you see where I am going with this? The developer could point the download to their own site so they would always have an up-to-date download.

I think this could be really powerful.


Quick Start

What are your thoughts on a quick start install section in the admin docs?

Just a bullet list of say 10 items fore daredevils / people who know what they are doing?