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A new course entered for the first time will be mostly blank. Course templates have block areas on the left and right sides, with course content activities (gathered under the heading: 'Topic Outline') being added on the course homepage to fit your needs.

Under 'Topic Outline' you will find the course sections (the course areas that hold activities), the first of which is designed for general information and activities of the whole course. This field is not numbered contrary to the sections below. The minimum number of sections you can set in your course is one, which means that your course will consist of at least two topic fields.

The view of your course homepage depends on which block areas you choose to appear using the Blocks field. All of the blocks can be shifted around according to one's liking, due to which the view of the course homepage may differ.

Standardni izgled praznog kolegija/tečaja

Course vanilla.jpg

Standardni izgled praznog kolegija (tečaja) s omogućenim izmjenama

Course view edit.jpg