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Inačica od 10:46, 27. lipnja 2006. koju je unio/unijela Jasmin Klindzic (razgovor | doprinosi)

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Zadaća omogućava predavaču ocjenjivanje raznovrsnih studentskih radova.


Moodle supports plug-in assignment types.

Službeni tipovi

There are three official types:

A student can upload a single file. This could be a Word document, spreadsheet or anything digital. Multiple files could be zipped and then submitted.
Online Text
This assignment type asks users to edit a text, using the normal editing tools. Teachers can grade them online, and even add inline comments or changes.
Offline assignment
This is useful when the assignment is performed outside of Moodle. It could be something elsewhere on the web or face-to-face. Students can see a description of the assignment, but can't upload files or anything. Grading works normally, and students will get notifications of their grades.

Contrib modules

These assignment types have been contributed by users:

Group Assignment (by Patrick Jermann)
One user uploads the file but all the members of his or her group "benefit" from the submission.
uploadmulti (by Brian Jones)
Allows uploading multiple files.
Multiple Files Upload (by Gustav W Delius)
Allows uploading multiple files.
Review assignment (by Humboldt University)
A new assignment type that adds the ability to send back to the student a graded copy of their file. For Moodle 1.5.
Form (by Michael Robellard)
allows students to enter information in a form (multiple textarea boxes) and then the teacher can grade each textarea with a number of points (or other grading scale) and give a comment for each form field

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