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Other Languages

I have tried to edit both the French and the Italian version of this page to provide links to parallel versions of the article in other languages, but the formatting only seems to work for some of the languages listed. How can I add in links such as the following:

The equivalent page <> seems to be fine with showing links to multiple other languages.

Erik Pedersen 13 nov 2007 à 03:48 (CST)

I don't really know why these links are broken :-( Most of the time, i only put english links, and assume that if people want another langage, it's the primary one they'll get, or they can find it from the english page...

Perhaps you should better ask on the documentation forum. Think that you can use the "preview" button, to avoid multiple modifications on pages ;-)

--Séverin Terrier 13 nov 2007 à 07:23 (CST)