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Pedro Lonbide (eztabaida | ekarpenak)(r)en berrikusketa, ordua: 08:19, 2 Martxoa 2010
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Every Workshop activity can be in one of the predefined states at every moment. The current phase is highlighted in the planner tool. Phases can be switched manually by clicking at the bulk icon.

Setup phase
The workshop activity starts in the setup phase. Teacher's main duty is to prepare the instructions for submitting (it est the workshop assignment) and to define the assessment form. Students can not do anything but read the introduction to the workshop in this phase.
Submission phase
The workshop is open for submitting. Students can see the instructions for submitting and can submit/resubmit their work. Teacher are expected to watch how the number of submissions grow and when they are happy, they can allocate submissions - ie. assign them for peer-review.
Assessment phase
Students assess the submissions allocated to them.
Grading evaluation phase
Students can not do anything. Teacher can review the submissions and peer-assessments and/or calculate the grading grades and/or override the calculated grades.
Every time the workshop is closing, the calculated (or overridden) grades are pushed/updated in the gradebook.

Simple case: Assignment-like workshop

  1. Create new workshop
  2. In Workshop features section, leave all features unchecked
  3. In Grading settings, set Grade for submission and choose Grading strategy to Accumulative grading
  4. Save and display the new workshop
  5. Edit assessment form - start with two or three simple criteria
  6. Switch the workshop into Submission phase and let students submit their work

TODO to be cont.


Practising assessment on example submissions